Ownership distribution in listed companies

The ownership distribution shows the monthly position from 31 December 2011 to last month end.
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Statistics Norway has implemented a new standard for institutional sector codes from January 1st 2012. Historical data for these statistics are interrupted as of December 31st 2011. Follow the link above for previous statistics with historic data from year 2000/2001.

Market value per 31 January 2020

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Owner groupEquitiesPCCTotal
Public non-financial corporations13,769M 98M 13,867M
Private non-financial corporations374,050M 8,103M 382,153M
Monetary financial institutions8,434M 1,186M 9,621M
Other financial corporations178,889M 10,358M 189,247M
Insurance corporations and pension funds23,109M 1,647M 24,756M
General government792,171M 150M 792,320M
Non-profit institutions serving households95,620M 18,570M 114,190M
Households96,841M 10,825M 107,666M
Rest of the world1,043,791M 11,065M 1,054,856M
Others12,597M 1,118M 13,715M
Total2,639,271M 63,119M 2,702,390M

The ownership distribution shows each owner sector's holding in shares and primary capital certificates in companies listed on Oslo Børs. The ownership distribution shows the market value and each sector's holding in percent.

The table above on this page shows some sectors that experience shows are in demand. For information on all sectors, click on the "Total" field at the bottom left of the table.

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