Ownership distribution in listed companies

The ownership distribution shows the monthly position from 31 December 2000 to December 2011.
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Market value per 30 December 2011

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Owner groupEquitiesPCCTotal
Central and local government39.72 %1.22 %39.25 %
Private companies16.01 %51.82 %16.45 %
Mutual funds5.09 %8.32 %5.13 %
Private investors3.34 %28.46 %3.65 %
Foreign investors35.83 %7.87 %35.49 %
Others0.01 %2.31 %0.04 %
Total100.00 %100.00 %100.00 %

The ownership distribution shows each owner sector's holding in shares and primary capital certificates in companies listed on Oslo Børs. The ownership distribution shows the market value and each sector's holding in percent.

The table above on this page shows some sectors that experience shows are in demand. For information on all sectors, click on the "Total" field at the bottom left of the table.

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